We are a full-service law firm in Antigua and Barbuda, offering clients solutions to the most challenging legal issues in virtually every area of commercial and corporate law, civil litigation, property law and estate planning. Our strength and competence is bolstered by our extensive resources, broad expertise and key contacts both locally and internationally. 


The firm was founded by Samantha N. Marshall on 15th February 2010, who has over 20 years of experience in commercial and corporate law, civil and criminal litigation, property law and probate.


We boast of a vast spectrum of clients including individuals, companies and government bodies. This enables us to respond to unique legal matters from an advantageous perspective. We provide timely advice to our clients on all their needs and provide dispute resolution advice and representation in litigation.


We have been successful in handling a variety of contentious matters up to the appellate level including high profile Electoral Boundaries cases. We have a solid track record in a number of essential practice areas to include, tort, family law and debt collection.


Our legal expertise extends beyond the Courts as demonstrated by our experience in handling corporate, financial and real estate transactions.  We have also positioned ourselves to provide services uniquely tailored for firms in the blockchain technology field including those looking to enter the digital currency business.


We pride ourselves in the delivery of sound legal advice and flexibility in dealing with complex legal issues. Our development and success is attributed to our professionalism and desire to meet the needs of each client. Our attorneys and staff provide a mixture of youth and experience who have excelled in their respective fields. With such vast experience and ability, Stapleton Chambers will continue to provide class-leading services.


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